Monday, October 17, 2016

Dream Crazy!

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Holding on to a dream and trying to make it come to life is no doubt a daunting task.  It is not easy in any way.  You wouldn’t be wrong for giving up on it or perhaps them.   Sometimes our dreams do not come to life because either we are short of time, money or influence or that the world is not yet ready to experience what we have to offer.  This is why it is so important to build one’s ability to persevere as well as grow one’s own individual wisdom as they both help a person navigate the course to tangibly bring to life a thought that germinated in their mind.  But strengthening those two elements is only possible by remaining observant and engaged in living.  Letting things run on an auto-pilot mode or adopting a ‘go with the flow’ attitude will only lead one down a road to ruin, where their dream(s) as Paulo Coelho says will become the stuff of nightmares that haunt a person with regret in their later years. Yet while many know that, they tend to slip towards the latter. 

So, how does a person stay the course when all else seems to have failed or when nothing seems to be working?  Well as many wise sages have always said that it is important to regard failure is an enabler and not a ridiculer.  It is vital to learn and keep challenging oneself to try something new, which is different from their previous attempt(s).  Equally important is the need to keep one’s hobbies and passions alive, for by doing so will one be able to get the energy they need to think, ask the right questions and figure out how they can attempt to succeed at what others consider crazy. 

Essentially, a dream is a unique mission bestowed upon those who are capable of making them happen.  So the next time you get a strange thought in your head, which urges you to spur yourself into action to achieve something significant, please heed that thought.  In other words, dream crazy.  Next Take please! 

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