Monday, September 12, 2016

Go Fish!

My Photograph

The grayish pool of water lay before me, stretching away towards the horizons.  Breaking through at various points across its shimmering surface lay a string of boulders that to any onlooker, would indicate how treacherous a journey it would be to cross over to the other side.  I continued walking along the boulevard and thought to myself if what I was about to do was worth it.  I had made many journeys in my life, but none were quite like this one.  It was different because the decision to undertake it and the possible consequences that it could have would not only affect me but a few others as well.  If I failed, several innocent lives would be badly hurt.  Perhaps that was what was making me feel so uncomfortable.  “Taking responsibility will be mine alone,” I said to myself in a soft whisper. 

My Photograph
I saw the throng of strangers as they walked by on this evening, oblivious to the battle raging within my mind.  I stopped and cast my eyes towards the distant buildings that embellished the bay, while I wondered if I should postpone the inevitable.  “If you do, then you won’t grow,” said a voice behind me.  I had no reason to turn around quickly as I knew who the owner of those words was.  I slowly shifted towards my right and said, “Well I think I’ve grown enough and honestly, I don’t think that I need to grow any further.”  I heard his footsteps reach my side and as I continued my sojourn I glanced to my right to see the smiling face of Ali Mehdi.   “That’s true my friend but as scary as it is, you need to know that if you ignore what’s really going on within your heart and keep pushing away what you really should be doing then you’re doing a great disservice to the entire universe.  Trust me I would know that,” he said.  “But Ali, I’ve seen failure happen before.  I’ve seen dreams become nightmares and I’ve seen how the price paid for falling short of a goal is far too overbearing,” I said.  “I know you have but unlike before you have the means of understanding what faith really is and that will help you overcome any challenge there is.  You mustn’t give up!” he said.

My Photograph
I glanced at him and stopped near to where some fishing boats were anchored.  “You see these boats.  Every time a fisherman goes out, he risks everything from his life, his money, his crew and everything else.  But he does not let the fear of those risks get to him.  Whether there’s no catch for the day or a storm occurs or his boat may sink due to a crack in the wood, he still goes out there.  Do you know why?” Ali asked.  “Because he needs the money?” I said indifferently.  “No because it’s the adventure of a new day and with it comes the challenge he relishes of knowing he is going to beat the odds.  For when he does so and stays brave in the face of danger, he knows that the universe will reward him,” said Ali. I turned slowly to look at him. “It is the fisherman’s acceptance of the challenge into the great unknown that makes him receive the blessing that life has to offer.  Even though he knows he may fail, he realizes that to accept fear is to accept a prison sentence of slow death.  You may not see it happen just yet but over time your mind, body and heart wither away, leaving a hollow shell within which you suffer greatly.  Fighting for what your heart truly believes in, keeps your spirit fresh and vibrant and even though times may get rough, the universe will always shower you with life giving rain, which in the end makes you grow to heights you cannot even begin to imagine.  Think about that!” said Ali and he turned and walked away along the path leading to the setting Sun. Next Take please!

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