Thursday, August 4, 2016

Prophets Of Doom

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I had touched upon this topic several years ago in another article (see: Doomsday) but felt compelled to revisit it once again.  It seems that there is a growing intensity in the media as well as in popular culture that includes movies, documentaries, television shows, books as well as online platforms, where a bulk of people seem to be obsessed with “end of the world” concepts and scenarios.  It is true that there are many things going horribly wrong in our times such as war, terrorism, famines, global warming etc.  No doubt these issues need to be tackled with potent counter measures and intelligent leaders, who are willing to walk their talk.  But if one were to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, they would find that the world has been plagued by similar adversities for many centuries now.  Poverty and disaster are not new issues that cropped up exclusively in the 21st century.

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Further, a closer inspection reveals that many positive changes have occurred in equal measure and in some cases overflowed the embankments of their epicenters and spread around the globe.  Sadly though, these seemed to be completely ignored.  Instead, conversations, news reports and thoughts seem to be gravitating with more intensity towards the negative, with far less leaning in favor of what is positive and right with the world.  Equally disturbing at times, is how a lot of people seem to relish the supposed omens or premonitions, which point to worldwide doom, where they even cite various prophecies by say Nostradamus and Vanga to corroborate their views. 

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While Nostradamus may have predicted certain events, which many claim have occurred just as he foretold, he also wrote other material, where he implored humanity to reflect on its current actions.  From that point, he strongly contended that if humanity could transform itself, where the hearts of people spewed out the venom of prejudice and absorbed the nectar of love and compassion, then the future itself could alter its course away from the highway of destruction he foresaw ahead.  Nostradamus himself believed in the transformative power humanity possessed and did have faith that the world would move ahead in a more progressive and positive direction.  However, those responsible for making that happen include the one who has written these words and ones who are reading them right now.  Next Take please!

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