Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Art Of The Mentor

My Father - Srinivasan Moorthy
“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself!” So said Oprah Winfrey; a famous U.S. based talk show host on the topic of “Who is a Mentor?”
I do agree with Oprah and would also add that a true mentor always aims to bring out the best in you in several ways, which could be physical (sports, field duty etc.), mental, social and aspirational.  Their purpose is to let you understand and define yourself rather than them doing it for you.  A mentor is strict but compassionate at the same time.  He or she always looks for opportunities to make you learn and know your true inner potential and cultivate your own ability to use what gifts you have to soar beyond what anyone thought was possible.  The secret is to let you know how to make your own light shine.  
Sensei Ikeda, Soka Gakkai
I was very fortunate that in my short life I was blessed and managed to meet four distinguished mentors, who brought out many great things that lay within me.  Each played their own role in shaping me and sharpening me, so that I could become all that I am now.  But what they would truly want is for me to go beyond and continuously expand myself without pause.  Through their own lives, each of the four people I am referring to, guided me towards realizing my own dreams and in turn made me realize how my dreams could not just benefit me, but the entire world.
Each bestowed on me a great sense of learning and key insights on how to continuously strive for excellence.  What they did is indeed an art and something I hope, one day, I may emulate for the benefit of future generations that I will encounter. 
Sunil Gautam, Founder & Chairman, Hanmer MSL
Having said that, one point I would like to add, is that though we may admire our mentors or idols, they would not want us to keep holding them on a pedestal above ourselves.  Rather they would want us to rise, so that we can stand alongside them as equals, facing eternity with a smile.
And to the four I spoke of, I will always be deeply grateful and thankful!
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Nikhil Khanna, Founder & Chairman, Avian Media

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